Instability–the new level

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Instability–the new level

The other day I ran into an old colleague and we were getting caught up on various things both business and family. During the course of the conversation we started talking about the new business world we live in and how it is different from the time when we were entering it.

As we lived through the transition from mainframe computing to personal computers and from using DOS command language to graphical user interfaces we thought we lived in a time of great instability. Today, instability is, for the up and coming resources entering the workplace, their playing field.

I have heard various surveys indicate that the up and coming workplace resources will have 15 to 20 jobs during their careers.  That is pretty significant as compared to the 3 to 5 which existed not too many years ago.

What does that mean – higher turnover rates but not because of some of the traditional reasons but more having to do with the people just wanting a change.  They get something and then move on.  As business owners we will need to factor this into our recruiting, training, development budgets and timing.

This level of instability is foreign to most baby boomers which occupy the lions share of leadership roles in most businesses.  They are looking to replace themselves either for retirement purposes, perpetuation or some other reason. As they look around their business for upcoming talent and start to make investments into grooming them they get caught short as the resource gets distracted and leaves before the transition is in place.

The instability is becoming the new standard level of operation in many industries. This absence of stability is unsettling and challenging to deal with by many leaders.  Many will talk about how they are making the transition but very few have actually completed the journey.

This week as you look at your business and give consideration to your resource planning for the coming years, make sure you are planning on a lot more transition between resources – the coming and going of talent into and out of your organization. How will this impact your growth? How will it impact your training processes? What new methods will you need to explore in order to meet these new trends head on and have success?

There is no cut and dried answer to these questions but if you are not considering them then you will be a dinosaur or mainframe and eventually go by the wayside.

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