Depth of your bench

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Depth of your bench

As a carry on from last week when the topic of a greater number of employees turning over in your business going forward, I thought I would revisit the concept of “Always Recruiting” as a means to build the depth of your bench.

In college sports, the team on the field changes each and every season. This is due to some athletes graduating, some just giving up the sport, some being injured and others just entering the world of collegiate athletics.  The result is new players turning over each and every season for various reasons.

This similar model exists in the business world today. Gone are the days of hiring a junior business person out of college and them staying with your organization for many years.  Traditionally they would have started out in a entry level role and over time took on bigger and more demanding projects and task.  Yes they would potentially have multiple roles while in the same business but the originally investment and training would have remained within the business for years to come.

Enter the world of every 4 year turnover like college athletics.  Now one of the number one skills of a winning coach is recruiting. Each and every day they must recruit, recruit, recruit. This is their only pipeline to the talent to have a winning team and season.

Your business is no different.  If you are not recruiting as a part of your weekly strategies and tactics then you are falling behind your competition.  If you wait until you have a vacancy in a role and then go into the marketplace to seek talent you have already lost the best to your competitors.

This week, take a look at your team and wonder about who may be the next person on your bench to graduate to another organization or business opportunity? Identify those roles for which you need to start looking for talent.  Start to brush up on your interviewing skills as the candidates are far better skilled than they were the last time you interviewed for new talent.

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