The marathon–sprint at the finish line

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The marathon–sprint at the finish line

Each day as we wake up and head off to work we are in the middle of a marathon race.  We started our career, some project or an effort and although we are not complete we are still committed to finish what we started.

As we traverse the various challenges along the course of our career, we persevere and grow with each step we take.  Some days we just don’t think we can make it to the next corner but somehow we sustain and get to the refreshment stand to refuel.

Refueling comes in many forms during the course of your work years.  Some days it comes as a big win.  Other days it is the simple getting up from a fall, dusting yourself off and moving on to the next challenge. Each of these events prepare us for the final leg of the race.

As each reader is at a different station in their life and career it is difficult to put specific time frames on where everyone is in their own race. One thing is for sure.  Each day on the race we discover new things about ourselves.  Challenges we thought we would never have to deal with. Challenges which after dealing with them were not as bad as you originally might have thought.

This week, stop and look at how you have grown in the past 12 months.  What challenges have you overcome and bettered yourself for the next leg of the marathon race? If you have not looked at how you have improved then today is the start of the next leg of the marathon in your discovery of yourself.  Take a few minutes and think about one two or three situations which you dealt with in the past 12 months which you had to step outside of a comfort zone and deal with head on?  Kind of like running up hill at mile 18 when your body says no but your will to succeed push you through the pain. Yes your legs are cramping and your lungs are burning for oxygen but you drive for the prize – the finish, the win, the results.

Set for yourself a new marker down the road which you will achieve in the next cycle of time – day, week, month etc.  Map out what you will need to do to realize your objective.  Take that next step in the direction of your goal.

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