It is all about the orange ball

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It is all about the orange ball

Get yourself ready – one week from today starts March Madness.

Next Thursday – March 19 is the first day of the marathon basketball event of the year.  60+ teams are selected to participate in a winner take all national tournament which culminates in early April.

Each year hundreds of thousands of employees are distracted by the direct watching of the games during or after work late into the night. If not that then by the betting pool which exists in many offices around not only the USA but in other parts of the world as well.

The title of this article says that it is all about the orange ball but actually is all about the money in college sports.  This may still be one of the few remaining sport events which does have a true sense of collegiate competition but underneath the surface the scholarship dollars and advertising dollars rank right up there with Super Bowl Sunday and the Olympics.

So as a business you need to understand the impact it may have  – good or bad on your organization.  If you are a watering hole with large screen TV’s then you will likely experience a up tick in revenue. If on the other hand your business is dependent on a husband and wife team spending money at the remodeling do it yourself shop then anticipate your revenues will be delayed until after the final game in April.

So how can you capitalize on this sports frenzy?

If you are in retail, tie some marketing to the whole concept of pitting various items against each other and let your customers determine the winner by their purchases or voting habits.

Use social media to tie in with your business and support your patrons teams and they move through the playing brackets.

Offer programs specials based on game outcomes.

Have your employees sport their teams in tasteful ways to get some energy moving in the hallways of your business.

As this national event is still a week away you have time to be quickly creative.  This week take some time to figure out how to be part of the event in your own businesses way.  How can you bring the customers in while playing along with their need for being involved in every second of every game on TV.

The bottom line is you are not going to change the momentum so why not roll with the flow and build on it in your business.  Better to be with them then swimming up stream against them.

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