Rebalancing your staff

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Rebalancing your staff

During the course of each year your team can become out of balance. Much like the tires on your car, it is not an intentional thing. It just happens over time.  If you want to get the most run life out of your car tires then you rotate them and make sure they are balanced.

It is fairly easy to do with your car as the tires are inanimate objects.  The technician simply uses their tools and puts the proper balance back on your tires. With people there are a lot of other dynamics that are in play. This means that if you are not using tools to help you in this realignment process then you are just guessing.

I suspect that the tire technician could look at the tire and guess at the level of balance.  The technician may even roll the tire along the floor and make some educated guesses about the degree at which the tire rotates and is balanced.  The fact is that until the technician mounts the tire in the balancing machine and lets the tool give very specific feedback on where to place the balancing weight, the technician would again still be guessing. 

Why then in business are owners guessing about the best balance or alignment of their team members?

Today there are tools which give input on the skills, competencies and other talents individuals bring into the work setting or team. At JKL Associates, we are very pleased to have a strategic partnership with one of the very best assessment providers in the world. As a research based organization our partner focuses on the details and quality of the tools content.  They verify and validate on a regular basis to ensure the information identified is in fact what it was intended to represent.

The key is that these are just tools.  They can provide great insight into the human dynamics in play in the business and how those elements can be aligned for greater results. Like the tire technician, when using the tools of the trade, the run life of the tire and/or the quality of the employee’s experience in your business can be for a greater length of time.

Never used such tools to help align your business talents? Give JKL Associates a call at (313) 527-7945 and allow us to introduce you to better  balance.

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