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March 26, 2015- ISSN# 1545-2646


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Simple Communication

In a day and age where technology is everywhere and electronic devices almost run our lives – smartphones, PC, digital clocks, cameras etc. the odd thing is that with all of these items, simple communication is still a big issue in business.

We have become dependent on our phones storing telephone numbers, pictures, address so we can free up our mind for other things. Yet we stumble when just trying to tell someone to do the simplest of tasks.

We hide behind text messages and emails rather than picking up the phone and having a voice conversation.  Maybe it is packaged as being more efficient.  With an email or text the person can’t drift from the subject matter.  Emails and texts can easily be deleted. Yes you can hang up on someone speaking to you but for some reason you feel guilty about doing it.  Deleting their text or email is just another PC or phone cleaning task and no ones feeling get hurt.

What have you done in your business lately to rekindle strong contributing communication between team members?

For some of you, you had never even thought about communication between your team members.  You just take it for granted as being part of the business and it is up to them to figure it out.

I find that very puzzling as leaders that we allow out teams to figure out how to communicate yet we provide processes and procedures for all kinds of other things which are far less of a challenge in the business.  Communication is critical to the success of your organization.  With out strong focused communication, your business could just aimlessly moves through time.

This week take some time to look at your organization and go communicate with your team members.  Ask them how they fell/think/view the communication in your business.

What could be done to improve the communication?  How do they want to be communicated with?  How does your customer want to be communicated with?

When you start looking at communication, it has many various angles you could follow.  This many times causes people to stop in their tracks and not move forward.  This week don’t become stagnant in your pursuit of great communication.  Pick a selected communication approach and put it in play.  See how thing improve.

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