The Speed of Spinning up New Recruits

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April 9, 2015- ISSN# 1545-2646




The Speed of Spinning up New Recruits

In your daily efforts to attract and bring on the best talent in the market to your business, you have to go through the investment of training and acclimating them to your business culture. You have to introduce them to your ways of conducting your business.

This process can be hours, days, weeks or even months depending on the level of role the person plays and the degree of how technical your particular business might be.

The time of integrating a new recruit into your business has always been an investment cost.  It was desired to happen quickly so you could begin to recoup your initial investment in training the person in your organization. In the past when resources would come into a business, be trained and then remain with the business for a series of years, the time of training and the time of recouping the cost was never an overly measured process.

Today with individuals changing jobs and roles much more frequently than in the past, this causes spin up time to require a bit more focus to make it happen more quickly.

Some industries have always had this challenge – retail for example.  Retailers would hire additional help during high volume times such as Christmas holidays.  They would do massive group trainings and then deploy the people to service the public during this rather frantic selling season.  Because many of the people were aware of this temporary talent pool, they gave their lack of depth in training some leniency.

The retailers still needed to put in place training which covered all the bases and allowed for a generally average work force to be product ready in sometimes just a couple hours of overview.  Their spin up process was very focused and targeted very specific elements to hopefully allow the new recruit to handle what they were about to get thrown into.

As business leaders, a haphazard approach to bringing on  new recruits is a sure way to alienate your customers. With job changes happening at a more recurring pace, your training/spin up processes need to be looked at not only for content improvement but more importantly the methods by which this content is delivered and how quickly it can be converted from information into application.

This week look into your processes for spinning up a new recruit.  How long does it take to make a person fully engaged into their work role?  Are there steps to reduce the time by using other methods of delivery such as technology?

With more resources moving between roles more frequently in the future, your spin up process must be as agile and quick as possible without dropping content or intent.

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