Plan to Reduce Stress

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Plan to Reduce Stress

Everyone could use a little stress relief now and again. Some stress can be productive and contribute to an end result.  Too much stress significantly impacts your performance.

If you think about a bridge which is suspended with cables, those strands of wire are under a very specific engineered load.  They work very well in carrying the load upon them when it remains with in the specifications they were designed for from the beginning. Place additional loads in many various ways upon those cables then the once safe bridge becomes potentially unstable and can cause great harm to those using it.

In the case of the bridge, the stress, may be in the form of too many heavy vehicles moving across the suspended platform at a given speed.  It could be additional load from wind which tosses the load across the cables in a direction it was never intended to move.

In the workplace, your staff are put under many different stresses as well.  Time deadlines, extra work activities, absence of needed resources etc.

This week, your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to take a look at those elements in your business which could very well be weakening the performance of your organization.  Are there extra weights being placed on certain people or processes which are outside what is reasonable and/or unexpected?  Have deadlines been missed and now extra effort must be invested to bring the business back to a stable situation? I’m sure there are multiple things which could be listed here but the only ones which are important are the ones you find in your business.

Once Identified you MUST take action.  The first step, as strange as it may sound, is to stop the stress by stopping the same old practices which got you here in the first place.  Take time to collectively get your team to plan out the direction and steps to move the projects forward and meet deadlines collectively.  By starting with planning you can identify gaps, bottleneck and the various things which can cause deviations in your progress.

Stress is a multi-billion dollar expense to business each year in the forms of healthcare costs, duplication of staff to cover for people and on and on and on.

Take some of the CASH back by looking at what is causing stress in your business and plan your way out of it!

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