Finding the next real talent

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Finding the next real talent

As I moved through the living room the other evening, the TV was on one of the talent discovery shows.  Not sure which station or what the specific entertainment talent the show was seeking but it got me to thinking about the day to day real world of finding the next real talent for your business.

I don’t really know how many “Find the next big star” TV shows are on weekly but as business owners we are in the discovery of new talent each and everyday we open our doors for business. No, there is not a fancy stage or audience to cheer on one candidate over another. There is not texting or phoning in your vote. The reality is, interviewing and having talent auditions is not significantly different that searching for the stars in the music or entertainment industry.

The future success of your business is critically dependent on your ability to attract, develop, train and nurture the best people you can find in the marketplace to work for your business.

Talent in the marketplace is very hard to come by these days.  Great talent is even more hard to find and attract.  The best talent is more than likely already engaged in some level of employment.  The question is – are they engaged, happy, being fulfilled by their work or employer?  If yes, then your ability to get them to jump ship to your organization will be a large up hill battle.  Money at one time did volumes of talking to baby boomers.  Today employees are motivated by many different aspects of work and play life.

At business seminars they try to categorize generations into classification almost as if they are some animal species.  Then they make exceptions for this or that difference because they find a person in this or that grouping which does not fit their mold.

As business leaders you need to understand what your business can offer to your potential future employees.  What is your culture?  What perks are feasible to provide given your business size, revenue, market offerings. It is easy to say top end employee benefits attract the best employees.  If you are a medium sized business you can only rationally afford certain expenses.  That does not mean you give up on recruiting the best talent to your organization. It is a matter of staying focused on what you need and what the talent can bring.

A few years back the Oakland Athletics and the Boston Red Sox took a statistical approach to setting up their roster of talent.  The movie “Moneyball” was based on this plan.  The leadership identified what roles and needs they had and what they were willing to invest into getting those talents on their team.  It was not about homerun hitters but more about single after single after single to put runs on the board and wins on the books.  This in turn puts fans in the stands which in all businesses – paying customers mean revenue which can lead to profit and net value.

This week take some time to identify your business attributes – what is your attraction factor and how can you leverage that to get talent to be recruited to your business.

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