Holding Yourself Accountable

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Holding Yourself Accountable

In a world of fast paced, take or be taken, winner gets the prize culture we need to step back and take personal accountability for actions or lack of actions.

The effort to hold yourself accountable to high standards of behaviors, ethics, truth and honesty take no more effort than not holding yourself to a standard.  What it does take is a commitment to yourself to be true.  Holding yourself to a higher standard is not like chaining yourself to a ball and chain but more like eliminating the wind drag on your sail so that you can move forward at a quicker pace.

Personal accountability unfortunately is not viewed in the general public or social circles as a positive characteristic much anymore.  Why?  Well maybe it is easier for others to drag down the standard to a lower level than to uphold a standard which imposes responsibility and truth.

Take into consideration the concept of allowing your staff to have breaks, set their own schedules and generally conduct their work activities at their own design just as long as the work gets accomplished.  It all sounds great and in some businesses the culture not only supports it but allows it to thrive.  That culture is made up of people already oriented around personal accountability.

Take that same set of options and place it in a business where the only person having to be accountable is the owner and they keep wondering why their business is crumbling around them. When the business culture is one in which the standards are not known, the standards are not embraced, the standards are broken then the culture is destine for decay and failure.

This week you need to look at the practices in your business and determine if your culture engages the concept of personal accountability or encourages the drifting aimlessly into the arena of lower standards and self centered results.

This may be one of the most difficult reviews you will give to your business because ultimately once you have an objective view of your business culture you must then decide to be personally accountable to cultivate a good one, change a bad one or that option of just do nothing and live with the outcome.

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