Memorial Day–Take time to remember

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Memorial Day – Take time to remember

This Monday is Memorial Day.

For some, it is a day off of work.

For others, it is a time to remember and memorialize those who have passed before us who stood up for our constitution and the rights of good, decent people around the world.

Each night as you sleep in peace you need to remember it is not this way all around the world.  Unrest and conflict in some areas is more the norm than quiet.

Unfortunately our society has turned this day of remembrance into a holiday filled with “Sales” and hype rather than a time when “We the People” stop and make a conscious effort to truly appreciate what we have as a nation.

For the coming generations, I pray that the passing generations can help them see what is great about this nation and hold future leaders accountable to our constitution before the quiet we live with daily is stolen from right beneath our noses because of a lack of paying attention.

This Monday, I will take some personal time to give thanks and praise to God for all those men and women who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our nation and “We the People.”  I will also ask God to look down upon those currently protecting our shores.  May they be spared and allow them to return home to their families.

In God we trust!

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