I did not know I would have to do that!

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I did not know I would have to do that!

Bringing on talent into your organization is one of the most critical events for a successful long term employee relationship. The on boarding process is the initial phase of standards your employee will need to adhere to and sets the stage for how the business and employee will have transactions.  The more defined the process and the strict following of the process helps ensure a positive start to the employment relationship.

Another part of the start of the relationship is giving the new employee the complete job responsibilities on the first day of the employment.  Do not piece meal the job duties to the new person over a few weeks time.  Give them the entire job responsibilities and assist them in crafting an understanding on how to accomplish the duties in the time allotted. When you give only part of the role and then add more items over the course of the coming days, weeks, months, the employee establishes a baseline for their work habits and additional work in their mind should come with additional compensation.  This starts the potential adversarial aspects of you hired me for this and now you are requiring me to do that.

Part of outlining the job is to identify the Key Accountabilities of the role.  Why the job exists and why you are willing to pay for these aspects to be accomplished in the business.  This outline should be ranked and weighted so that when push comes to shove, the employee can evaluate what is on their plate and make decisions based on the predetermined order of focus.  Rather than guessing, it helps being structure to their decision making process.

The role definition should also have the metrics by which performance will be measured.  Timeframes, quality, amount of deliverables etc.  This way a person can self evaluate to a set of standards rather than it being a subjective evaluation by either the employee or their leadership.

Too often these upfront steps are set aside in the hurry to hire a body.  Only to eventually have to rehire another body because the previous one did not work out.

By having these metrics in place and role defined, you can effectively and efficiently evaluate progress or the lack thereof.  You can have a more immediate opportunity to correct a situation rather than 3 or more months of hoping they will figure it out.  During that time you invest more dollars into training which ultimately you lose because they leave or you have to terminate them.  At which time the costly cycle of turnover starts again and again.

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