Is there a Talent Shortage?

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June 25, 2015- ISSN# 1545-2646




Is there a Talent Shortage?

If you talk to business owners they will say ABSOLUTLY!  If you talk to academia then they can’t find jobs for their graduates.

How can it be both ways?

First – it all depends on what type of career/job/role you are looking for and what the qualifications are to meet the needs of the position.

For professional careers where the talent has a broad range of skills both academic as well as business experience then there is a shortage of seasoned talent.  The good talent is already employed somewhere and the economy is not necessarily so robust that they are open to the risk of job jumping. For those “green” to the professional ranks it also depends on what their skills are and where in the country they are looking for employment.

For the workforce such as building trades, food service, etc. it is a mixed bag of demands.  There are not a lot of people going into the skilled trades such as plumbing, electrical, carpentry.  Looking for talent in these areas and getting resources which show up and put in a strong day of work is a challenge.

For merchandise service people that work at WalMart etc. there are lots of people who were very excited about the minimum wage going up and in some states to higher rates.  The questions is still unanswered as to the return for the additional dollars invested.  Yes the employee has more take home compensation but did the employer offset the expense with more results?  Does it create more opportunities?

This week as you review your resource plans for the remainder of 2015 you will need to make sure you plan in time to recruiting talent to your business.  For those of you that tap into JKL Associates for various talent services you have already heard about the need to interview constantly.  Interview at least one person each week for some role in your business whether it is open or not.  This keeps your skills up and you never know when you might just come across that “A” player you want on your team.

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