A Birthday Celebration

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July 2, 2015- ISSN# 1545-2646


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A Birthday Celebration

This weekend our country celebrates another birthday. We are well past the bicentennial and moving forward toward 300 years.  A lot has changed since 1776 and a lot more will change before we get to that next milestone.

As I was not living at the time of the revolutionary war, so my perspective is shaped by books, movies and stories passed down through the generations.  It is quite interesting that one thing was for sure – those committed to creating a country free of the oppression of the old country were solidly grounded in faith and resolved to establish a nation which allowed for many freedoms which were not available to them in their original homeland.

Over 200 years later our society has lost the grasp of what that means and in some degree are ignorant that those same oppressions can once again rise up in our homeland and place restrictions upon us.  Much like the erosion of sand along the beach, one grain of sand at a time, so to is the model culture of the USA dwindling away.

Yes we will still have freedoms but will the key rights of the pursuit of happiness really be an option?

This holiday, give thanks and pray – yes pray, for this country is in need of sorting through the mud and the muck to once again have purpose and meaning of what was behind the the original fight for freedom.  Our forefathers gave significantly to achieve The United States of America.  May we never forget and never relinquish to the evils of international societal pressure to lower our standards so they don’t have to rise to ours!

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