Has Academia failed small business

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August 13, 2015- ISSN# 1545-2646




Has academia failed small business

Over the past couple of months when speaking to small business leaders there is a common theme – the product coming out of schools is no where near what it needs to be to contribute in the workplace. There is also a large gap in the promotion of skill based trades.

The programming being done by the teaching staff is rooted in concepts and very little in practical application.  Even more is the idea that the new generations approach to work is different and business is to change their ways.

I understand that with each generation evolution takes place and traditional approaches give way to new ways of thinking.  Unfortunately when the new ways of thinking are absent of: contribution, growth, profit and who pays for it, then the gap in talent gets even wider.

Recent articles talk about how graduates from college actually had a banner year for job offers.  Many took the offers only to decide not to show up for the job.  Many left the employees hanging with out talent and just blew it off.  Some discussion had employers blacklisting these no shows while others are indicating that business just has to change and accept this as the new norm.

Well I’m sorry but that way of thinking is just way to radical for me.  It is flat out disrespectful for these students turned employees to simply just treat the opportunity of work as something they can just ignore, disrespect, and treat it like skipping class.

These same resources now start to complain about not having work, wanting $15.00 per hour for flipping burgers and trash on the business for not being responsive to their needs.

Well next generation leaders – you get what you sow.  One of the laws of nature is when you plant seeds of weeds you get weeds!  Don’t bring out the poor pity me sign and want the “Establishment” to change to your unfounded uncommitted ways.

Maybe large corporations can weather these rolling curves of indecision but small business does not have the luxury of excess dollars or time or people to support this mindset.

As small business leaders the next few years will be a challenge to attract, maintain, develop and mature talent for your business.  It is not all gloom and doom.  There are some highly talented resources in the crowd of talent.  The key thing is that you will need to be very selective in an already sparse talent pool to find the best of the best.

Farmers have always dealt with weeds in their fields but they never stopped planting.  This is true for searching out talent in the marketplace today.  It just means that your time being spent on talent recruiting has to have the same attention as generating sales and managing expenses.

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