Fielding a team

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Fielding a Team

Your business is made up of various teams.  You might refer to them as departments or some other term but you have collective groups of people with common focus and goals.

To enable each team to have the greatest potential for success, you staff these teams with the best talent you can attract to your organization.

What causes an individual to join your team?

Is it compensation?

Is it work environment?

Is it the other team members?

Is it the reputation in the industry?

Is it the opportunity for advancement?

These and many more questions should be asked about why someone would want to be part of your team.

If you can’t answer them then the candidate is most likely not answering them in favor of joining your team.

This week ask your staff why they work for your team.  What causes them to get engaged in their work activity?  Ask them what would they say would attract top players to your team.

Build a solid list of these elements so they can become part of your recruiting campaign. Use them as part of your attraction efforts so that people in the marketplace, who are interested in changing their career,  can then view your organization as a place which offers what they are looking for.

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