Time to Re-evaluate 2015

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September 3, 2015- ISSN# 1545-2646




Time to Re-evaluate 2015

Labor day weekend has arrived and 2/3 of 2015 has already gone by. With only 4 full months left in the calendar year, what goals have been achieved? What goals are on track to be successfully completed?  Which goals are off track and need to be brought back into alignment?

At this same time you need to look at what new information has come to your knowledge.  How is this impacting your ability to complete 2015?  How might it impact your plans for 2016?

The summer is now behind us and the remaining 4 months of the year give us an opportunity to make 2015 a great success.

This coming week following the Labor Day holiday, gather your leadership team together and get them thinking about what remains incomplete and what and how they are going to realize the planned results. Have them reassess what obstacles need their attention and plan how to overcome them in a timely fashion.  If your team is ahead of plan then use this time to ramp up even further.  If by chance your team is behind then they need to put on a full court press to gain back the opportunity  they may have lost earlier in the year. With focus and determination they can recapture the objectives of the plan.

The fall timeframe is a planning timeframe. Not only to narrow in on the end results for this year, but also laying the groundwork for the following year.

If you have not already done so, put a 2016 planning session on your calendar for mid October 2015.  This will allow you to get your 2016 objectives laid out and take the necessary steps to put in place the enablers to support the next year plan.

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