Leading is not a “by chance” activity

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September 10, 2015- ISSN# 1545-2646




Leading is not a “by chance” activity

In today’s society the concept of leader is getting very diluted from my perspective. Over the past few years in some effort to neutralize authority and roles in corporations, the positions in a company that are in place to lead have given way to assist and condone vs. actual leading.

As much as I agree with giving people enough space to make mistakes so they can develop and learn through those challenges, I also know that with out direction and leadership then the mistakes are not a learning exercise but a trap which lowers the standards of performance.

With leadership comes very defined levels of responsibility and accountability.  When those in our society want to deflect the pressure and blame away from them, it is easier when they are not taking responsibility or accountability for their actions.  Leaders – true leaders are not afraid of the repercussions of their actions.  They collect their data, plan, take action, observe, make corrections and move forward to their success.  If they find out their data or plan or action is not producing the results as designed they take another direction to correct the plan and own the results whether good or not so good.

Leaders today who stand out above the rest are taking very defined action to achieve their progress.  It is not by chance that they move forward.  It is not the result of luck just landing in their lap.  Yes, some of their progress is the result of making difficult decisions. Those challenging decisions play out positively rather than negatively.  That is not luck but focus on playing the game to the best based on the cards dealt.

This week step back and observe your own leadership skills.  Are you leading by example or by chance? Are you owning your success and failures equally?  Are you working with your team of leaders to build future leaders in your business?

Leadership does not just happen – it is strategically planned into successful organization and part of the overall success plan.

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