Are we still in business?

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Are we still in business?

Businesses come into existence and go out of existence each and every day.  New ideas bring forth new organizations.  Old ideas run their course and fade into the past.  Today, the time cycles for these taking place are far quicker than over the course of history.  Speed, technology, global competition and just plain old ingenuity are all contributing factors as to what is impacting the state of your business.

Have you recently taken a strong hard look at your business?  How competitive is it really?  Is it providing real tangible value into the marketplace?  Is there some other way or product which will soon replace what your provide?

Each fall as you begin to analyze what has happened and what needs to happen next year, you MUST take a different look at your organization.  Sometimes you are so close to it that you can no longer be objective.  Let’s face facts, your business is your future retirement and if you are not as protective of its value today then it will be worth less in the future.  If this business is a primary asset in your retirement portfolio then you had better make sure the investment will provide outstanding returns for your time and money.

This week take some time and get your key stakeholders together for a meeting to strip down your business into real basic components.  Look at each core profit center and understand where are the strengths, weaknesses, potential opportunities, trends and potential threats.  Don’t be reserved and be as ruthless as possible to get to the bottom line issues.  This process also know as a SWOT analysis gives you key pieces of information to set goals and objectives for 2016.  These elements are central to your business plan and the efforts needed to grow your business to add value to your future.

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