Navigating the need for talent

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Navigating the need for talent

In today’s marketplace the need for top talent is significant. Organizations of all sizes and all pay structures are seeking talent to add to their organizations rosters. Regardless of industry or location the desire of business owners who are looking for talent are all struggling to attract and hire the best resources.

Unemployment rates don’t always tell the total picture.  Depending on how the numbers are crafted for what purpose they can be either very misleading or overly encouraging.  The reality is that somewhere around 4 to 6% of those who are not currently employed may fall unfortunately into a category of the chronically unemployable and are not necessarily candidates to top talent roles in organizations.

As I have spoken in the past, organizations must be constantly recruiting talent to their organizations.  Not significantly different that colleges recruiting their next group of athletes or even your sales team building a pipeline of future revenues.  If you do not have a daily strategy for attracting future talent, you will be left short of the candidate potentially suited to be a good fit in your business.

There is no silver bullet or magical solution as to where to find your best candidates. You must be in many different venues to land your message on the potential candidate at the right time they happen to be looking.  These venues of message spreading include social media, websites, job boards etc.

Depending on where in the country you may be, your next best candidate might very well be currently employed down the street at your neighboring business or even the competition.  Today’s best talent is not waiting at home for that call to ask them to come to work.  They are already gainfully employed.  The item might be that the environment or culture of their present employer may not be to their liking and your career opportunity may just offer them something more important to them. All to often I hear comments from people saying that if they only knew so and so was looking for someone then they could have sent so and so over to apply for the job.

This week – make your business plan to get into the recruiting game.  Tell everyone your talent needs and have them spread the word.

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