Continuous Learning

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Continuous Learning

In business and in life we are always learning.  We learned how to walk, run, ride a bike.  We learned how to add, subtract, multiply and divide.  We learned how to be a worker, supervisor, manager, leader in whatever profession we have chosen. Each and everyday we are exposed to the opportunity to learn.

The challenge is filtering what is good to learn and what is not so good to learn.  Early on in my career I adopted the concept of a toolbox.  Great craftsmen gather great tools for their toolbox.  Each tool is specifically selected for its given purpose.  In many cases more than one tool is required to accomplish their end product so their toolbox fills up with a variety of special tools designed to enable them to do their craft.  The craftsman typically does not select inferior tools as they break or require lots of extra attention to keep them operational.  They may start out with an initial set of starter tools but then upgrade as their compensation rose to afford them access to better tools.

As business leaders you too need to have a similar approach to filling your business with the best resources.  Like the best people you can attract and compensate within your business’ potential. Identify your needs and then go out and attract those caliber of people to your business.  Win them over to your organization by your vision, mission and passion. 

Much like our craftsman, you will from time to time need to upgrade your tools and people.  Don’t take this lightly. Have a learning plan not only for yourself but also for your people.  Engage your team in learning not only how to do their role but also how they contribute to the overall performance of the company.

Each day set out to learn just one new thing which you can use to assist another person and/or the business.  It sounds simple but if you are not actively looking for that learning opportunity it goes right past you and you don’t even recognize it.

People learn in may ways. They see something, they hear something, they participate in something.  In all of their actions, they have the potential to learn.  If the seeing, listening or doing is a solid practice then they learn a valuable lesson.  Unfortunately if what they see, do or hear is not a sound practice then they start to pick up bad habits. This then cost you and your organization more money to retrain and lost productivity.

This week take a look at your learning systems.  Are your training efforts duplicating good practices?  Do you have a way to evaluate if the deliverable from the training system is giving you the quality expected?  Are the people being trained to perform bad habits, shot cuts, inferior work actions?

In today’s marketplace quality and performance are expected.  Materials generally are of high quality and meet stringent standards. Therefore a key differentiator between you and your competition is your team and how they perform/deliver.  Are your team members continuous learners? Give us a call (313) 527-7945 at JKL Associates to help you find out.

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