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Lead by Example

In the fast paced world of business, we as leaders need to lead with and by example.  Too often, short cuts are taken when developing the future leaders in business.  Too often, leaders tell someone to do something and let it go.  No mentoring, no follow up, no inspection, no improvement.

I recently worked with a young lady who was seeking insights and input from a fellow colleague.  They had done some work together and she was anticipating some feedback from the other person.  Unfortunately the colleague did not give this young lady the time of day.  They simply completed the task at hand and he split the scene.

His ego must have got the best of him. More importantly is that the young aspiring future leader was left holding questions and wanting input on how she could improve.  Here was a future leader interested in getting better and the other colleague simply passing up the opportunity and potentially starting the drowning out of the ambition of the young future leader.

I don’t want to paint a wide brush stroke and indicate most people are like this but there is a growing tendency by some at the top to not have time to mentor or develop those in the developing stages of their career.  As the product of some very outstanding mentors, I find this tragic.

Why would someone not want to pass along skills and talents to future leaders? Are they so concerned about their role that they push aside the future for their own self protection? I don’t have a specific answer but in some cases it can be painfully true.

This week analyze your leadership traits.  Are you a builder of future leaders or a protector of your own kingdom?

What actions in your daily routine contribute to the development of your organizations future leaders?

One of the biggest challenges we all have as leaders is getting out of our own way.  We sometimes restrict our own growth and the growth of those around us at the expense of slowing down growth for the business.  Sometimes we must forget what we learned to get us where we have currently arrived at and learn new things to take us to new future levels.

Think about the aspect of giving up what has contributed to your success in order to grow to the next level.  It is a very challenging and difficult process to hold your self accountable to.

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