Wrapping up business while wrapping up presents

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December 17, 2015- ISSN# 1545-2646



Wrapping up business

             while wrapping up presents

It is that time of the year where for those businesses on a fiscal calendar year that the final push to close sales and make appropriate tax and financial actions are the focus.

It is also that time of the year for wrapping up those Christmas presents for family, friends etc.

Both of these activities are not casual activities.  Both require thought so that good business strategy is executed on one hand and personal taste of gifts given are on target for the person receiving them on the other hand.

As you approach these final weeks of 2015, take some time to reflect on the packaging of final gifts for your colleagues and for the business.  What key actions in terms of strategy can you give to your business so that in 2016 your organization can fully blossom into its best potential yet.

As you converse with your staff over beverages of choice at holiday gatherings, use this as a time of good cheer. Thank and appreciate all of those in your business for their continued commitment to the organizations objectives.  Get their insights on what is going well and what can be improved.

Collect your insights and formulate your thoughts for improvement in 2016.

Not sure what to focus your strategies on for 2016? Give us a call (313) 527-7945 at JKL Associates. We can help bring your strategies into focus.

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