2016 Business Resolutions

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Business Resolutions

So the ball has dropped at Times Square and 2016 is officially here.  Lots of personal resolutions have been made and some, I’m sure, have already been broken.  The reality is that resolutions without plans, rewards and consequences tend to be simply statements of desire with no commitment to a change.

2016 calendar year business plans should have been finished in 2015. Yet, like some of us making personal resolutions at 11:59pm on New Year’s Eve, we may still need to look at our businesses for 2016 and get our goals, resolutions and plans together to support the vision and mission of our company.

As stated earlier, if your goals are not supported by plans, deliverables to measure and consequences if not achieved, you could end up minimizing the energy which will be directed into those plans.

Not unlike the points scored in sporting events in the last few minutes of the game, the number of punches landed in the last round, or that extra burst of effort as the runner reaches toward the finish line; you  must define the end results and what it is going to take to achieve it.  Once defined, measure it consistently so adjustments can be made based on new data.

The end of 2016 is 12 months off but that is no reason not to get started full steam now.  Big plans take big efforts, smaller plans sometimes take more mental power to keep you on track and not get  lost among all the other confusion thrown at you during the course of a year.

There is still time to make 2016 your best success yet for your business but it starts with resolving yourself to defining the goals, setting the plans in motion, measuring your results and making corrective action along the way.

May your 2016 be just that – Your best year yet!

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