Finishing what you start.

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January 28, 2016- ISSN# 1545-2646



Finishing what you start

Those of us who have been in business for a while, it is hard to fathom not completing something we started.  We set out on a journey and get to the destination that was planned for in advance.

As we progressed toward that finish line, we measured our steps both forward and backward.  We learned valuable lessons along that path which later on in the journey have played an immeasurable role in guiding us around other problems and challenges.

That journey started by some spark which evolved into a commitment to prove it could be accomplished.  Even when the naysayers gave all their reasons why it would not work, we persevered.

There was something about getting started and then not giving up until we arrived at the destination. I might have called it work ethic or some might have called it crazy.  Regardless of what it might be called it kept us focused and much has been realized both in material/technical improvements as well as financial. Probably even more important was the sense of accomplishment which was both mentally and spiritually rewarding.

I look around today and unfortunately there is a bit of a void in this entrepreneurial energy/spirit.  Yes, there are many startups and many who wish to change the world with their next new thing.  But when the going gets rough the energy fades and so too the idea.  The energy to push through when the chips are down is a real skill and characteristic. These have been diluted because younger workers have had a safety net under them for most of their lives. They don’t know how to sustain momentum in the face of real turmoil.

This week as you look at your staff, what ideas do they have which might have been tabled because they don’t want to risk the failure.  When you look at those who have changed the direction of history or an industry, it is because of their failures and what actually worked out in the end.

Edison and his 1000 attempts to create the light bulb comes to mind.  He could have given up numerous times but stood the course.  In each of his failures he learned something important which he applied to the next evolution of the next attempt.  Each failure moved him that much closer to a victory.  Our society has attempted to dilute this concept of failure so that all are on the same playing field and no one if left out.

The real opportunity in your business is to find those who don’t want to be part of the group but to stand out.  They are different not by any number of social reasons but because they are willing to finish what they start.  Go the distance when others have tossed in the towel because it is easier to stand on the sideline cheering someone else on to their victory than to achieve one on their own.

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