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February 4, 2016- ISSN# 1545-2646



Disney Magic

As a kid I grew up watching the Wonderful World of Disney on TV.  The adventures, the pageantry, the 2 hour opportunity to escape from reality and live in another persons’ experience, another place, another time.

I was blessed by my parents who took me to Disney World when it opened in Florida and was so totally consumed into the largeness of everything.  From the animation to the boats, cars, sky trams and wonders of the future.  My very first experience at the “Magic Kingdom” was just that – truly a magical memory.

For those of you who have ventured in through the gates of any one of the many Disney theme parks, you can appreciate the impact it may still have on you today. You have to admit it is a pretty special feeling and it just does not happen by accident.

From a small mid-west town outside Chicago, Walt and his brother Roy set out on a dream – a magical one to say the least.  They did not fly a magic carpet along the way. They fell flat on their face only to rise and move forward committed to realizing that dream.

Each time I have visited the world of magical imagination whether in Florida, California or even the local Disney store, the attention to detail and all consuming over the top branding was there penetrating into the child in everyone.

It is this magic which the Disney world wide operations has few competitors.  Yes there are many other strong brands:  Apple, Microsoft, Google in the tech world; Ford, GM, Fiat, Audi, Honda in the automotive world; Johnson & Johnson, Proctor and Gamble, even Wal-Mart but none of these have the same magic of the brand of Disney.

It would be almost foolish for me to ask you to compare your business to the realms of Disney but you should.  What you can learn about what you are doing right to please your customer and keep them engaged in your brand can be learned by watching what the best of the best do.

This week, identify one item in your business which could afford to be improved.  Get your imagination team (your staff) together and brainstorm how to add the magic.  Don’t be restrictive – just let the magical juices flow and see what comes up to move your business forward.  Even if you don’t discover the next lovable mouse, you might just find a better way to keep the customer satisfied!

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