Don’t just plan – Execute

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February 11, 2016- ISSN# 1545-2646



Don’t just plan – Execute

As part of my business practices I help leaders put together strategy about building their business.  Vision, mission, goals, marketing plans, sales plans, operations plans and many other types of plans which when executed contribute to achieving the overall objective of growing the business.

The key word in the list of items is “Execute.”

Plans and strategies are just well crafted concepts taking key things into consideration and laying out steps to move from one point to another. It is the road map to get the business to its next level or destination.

The challenge is that a road map that is not followed is just lines on the page or ideas in the mind of their creator. It is in the execution of those strategies where real results are born.

Plans are just that – a guide which sorts out the best ways to get somewhere and then when items change, the plan must evolve taking into consideration those new elements now known to the person executing the plan.

The major difference here is the action word of execute. I have seen many business owners take the time to verbalize and even write down their plans but fail to execute.  They can name many reasons as to why the plan was not realized or that it failed.  The biggest and from my perspective most common is the break down in continuously moving forward to execute the plan under all challenges placed in the way of the plan.  Rather than build upon the plan they step back away from the plan and then lose their momentum to execute going forward.

This week as you move into the middle of the second month of 2016, evaluate your execution of the plan efforts.  Are you still as driven as you were when they were first conceived?  Has new information been uncovered which is pushing against your plan and require more effort to execute?

There is nothing wrong with re-evaluating your plan and taking corrective action as long as you move forward and continue to execute to achieve your goals and objective.  If you stop your forward progress and don’t re-engage to execute then you will lose precious time and place your overall strategy in jeopardy.

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