Knowing what you avoid helps you focus

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February 18, 2016- ISSN# 1545-2646



Knowing what you avoid helps you focus

For years people have always thought about the carrot and stick and that the carrot drove people forward to a specific result. More research is telling us that although the carrot is still very important, the avoidance of the stick may just very well be a greater motivator.

Take a few minutes to look back at your business successes.  You had a plan and a goal. Those were the desired results.  You talked to everyone about the results and placed yourself under super pressure to succeed.  So what was more critical – achieving the goal or not being embarrassed by failing?

A speaker I heard years ago would use this as part of his motivation to move forward and make more progress.  He would always emphasize the opening up and exposing yourself to everyone so that the pressure of not failing was far greater than the reward of succeeding.

It is to some degree counter intuitive.  We all desire the end result and paint that picture of what that means to each of us.  Each day we push to get closer to that dream.  But while we are attracted to the dream, the nightmare of failing and dealing with the aftermath of that event keeps us focused in times of challenge.  During the conflict we sometimes lose the view of the golden glow of the end result but we never forget the fire of failure.

This week as you continue to refine your end results for 2016, look at the consequences that take place if goals are not achieved.  In many businesses the rewards are what is hoped for to push people over the top.  If they don’t make it and there is no resulting backlash then failure could very well be a cultural norm of acceptance in your business.

Think of the situation where no one ever gets fired for any reason in a business.  The people there build up an immunity to having to perform. If there is no consequence then who really cares. It is very difficult to grow a business when the majority of the team is satisfied with just existing.  Unfortunately existing is moving backward in the business world these days.  Eventually your competition will steal your customers and eat your lunch.

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