It is about helping connect the dots

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February 25, 2016- ISSN# 1545-2646



It is about helping connect the dots

Ever watch a child complete a dot-to-dot activity?  As they learn their numbers or letters and connect them in the correct order a picture begins to appear. They get more excited about completing the task so they can see what the whole picture is.

This is also very true in business.

Many times employees are not necessarily tuned into the whole picture of what the business is all about and what it is trying to accomplish.  This happens for various reasons.  Sometimes it is the company not sharing with the team the mission and goals for the business.  Sometimes it is the employee being disengaged from the organization for any number of reasons.

Regardless of which if the disconnects are in play, the end result is still the same.  When the dots along the path to joining every one and every process together does not happen, the bottom line is less than complete.

The connecting of the dots is not just limited to the top level goals of an organization.  The day-to-day procedures which take place also need attention to make sure those doing the processes understand how and why the process needs to be accomplished.  When there is a gap in understanding then shortcuts can begin to form.  They don’t form just because someone thinks they can save time or money.  It sometimes happens because of a lack of communicating why things take place in a given order.  When the person doing the procedure does not appreciate and understand what the downstream impact is of their steps then when they skip one they don’t recognize someone else in the organization needs to retouch the process to finish it out.  This then cause staff members to begin to formulate thoughts about people not doing their jobs etc.

This week, look at your organization and the processes and procedures which flow through the business.  Does everyone understand the processes and how they directly contribute to its success?  Do they equally understand and appreciate the impact they have on the success of the business when they are not following the dot-to-dot progression on these procedures?

Do you understand the importance of having everyone on the same page to the objectives of your business? Give JKL Associates a call at (313) 527-7945 to help you and your team connect the dots.

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