Selling your company brand vs. selling a product

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March 3, 2016- ISSN# 1545-2646



Selling your company brand vs. selling a product

In todays marketplace “Brand” selling captures the customer vs. just selling them a product.

In a world where people are all about themselves, oddly enough they want also to be part of a group but not necessarily one based on traditional models.

They hang out together and go out to a restaurant because they are all supporting the brand not necessarily because they have common connection directly between themselves or even prefer the food.

Whole groups of people buy a particular smartphone not because it does what they need it to do but because they are attached to the brand.  The brand persona gives them a place to live in a group while personally they are self imaged.

People can and will justify why they align to specific brands and what that brand may or may not do for them.  Take sport shoes for example, there are many brands which vie for a multi billion dollar market place.  But which shoe is best for a person vs. which shoe do they buy because they have some affiliation to a brand?

Like lemmings they follow a “brand” trend even if they don’t like it, can’t afford it and it does not even do what they need it to do.

Similar to some parents who live vicariously through their children’s sports efforts, many consumers live vicariously through product brands.

With all the need to have a brand which consumers will buy from, what is your business doing to capture your consumer through building and selling your brand?

This week, review your marketing and sales efforts.  Are they focused on pushing a product to be purchased or are they setting up a customer for a life long relationship to a brand?

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