When Work Becomes Play

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March 10, 2016- ISSN# 1545-2646



When Work Becomes Play

For many, the work they are engaged in, evolved out of many decisions along the path of life.  Maybe it was some event in school or some acquaintance who you spoke to that had an interesting career. Somewhere along your “Development” years you made some decisions to pursue some career or work activity.

In some cases it took very specific steps – high school, college, graduate efforts and maybe even more schooling and education.  In other cases you might have taken a more unconventional approach or even pursue an entrepreneurial directed work effort.

The reality is that generally speaking we all look at what we do in our career or work efforts as just that “WORK.”

There are those few occasions where people start out pursuing a career and it ends up turning into fulltime play.

This might just possibly be the reason many aspire to be professional athletes because they loved the game so much when growing up and playing the sport that they wanted to just keep on playing for their career. Unfortunately most of us never even get the chance to play a sport at even some of the higher levels such as college.

With that opportunity behind us we sought out something that interested us and we could excel at moving forward.  Something which has a growth path to higher levels and rewards. Now well into our careers we still seek the opportunity to play for work.

This week take a look at your business and see if there are options for you to add the ingredient of “Play” to your work environment. 

Recently I was helping a client look at some software for tracking progress on activities.  The program had built in gaming software where the employees (players) received points based on actions taken. The program records what  actually gets done and the players compete against one another and receive points for performance. Those points can be turned in for other rewards such as time off or other prizes.

With the changes in the workforce we sometimes have to look at and view things through different lenses to get our businesses to be successful moving forward.

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