More than green beer

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March 17, 2016- ISSN# 1545-2646



More than Green Beer

On St. Patrick’s Day, people enjoy all kinds of special things. When I was a kid, my Dad would always make green pancakes.  In your local pub you can drink green beer.  In Chicago they turn the river green.  Many cities have parades and all have parties.

In business we are always looking for a way to make more green! So this St. Patrick’s Day, what can you focus on and have a little Irish luck to improve your business to add some green to your bottom line?

Sales – are your sales plans working out or do they need some attention?

Marketing – do you understand who your customer is and what their needs are so you can position your goods and services for them to purchase?

Human Resources – do you have a strong capable stable workforce?

Operations – are your processes and procedures best in class?

Finance – are you maximizing all the possible financial strategies you can to contribute to your organizations growth?

Customer Service – are your customers experiencing the best possible environment?

There are many facets to your business that all contribute to adding green to the bottom line.  If they are not best practices then they add a little red to the bottom line and slows down your growth.

This week, review your business and select just one area you are going to focus on to improve and set plans in motion to make a little more green before it turns to red!

Where do you start? Let JKL Associates assist you in your business to find those growth opportunities. Give us a call at (313) 527-7945 for a new view into your business.

Questions or comments – email us at or call our Office at (313) 527-7945

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