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March 31, 2016- ISSN# 1545-2646



Reset Your Password

If you are anything like me you have dozens of passwords and pin numbers to gain access into your various accounts on line.  Yes you have attempted to come up with something other than your birthday or your dogs name or any number of typical ways to remember your passwords.

You believe you have moved beyond some of the most common passwords such as “Password1” or “User2” but believe it or not many access points by users still have these as their secure access to their systems.  Another good one is a string of numbers such as 11111 or 99999.

Now you may not think you have any important information on your PS and you don’t do on line banking or order anything from Amazon etc. so why worry.  The reality is your personal access gives others the ability to mess up your day to day life.

Sometimes it is not what they get but what they do to mess up the access for you to waste lots of time trying to straighten it back out. As the people on the other end of the internet don’t know who you are they have to follow very defined protocols to make sure they don’t give someone else access to your files or systems. 

You are basically the victim of someone else’s attempt to maybe not gain access to your account but simply mess with it and now you have to take time to clean up their mess.

Take for instance the issue of trying to access an account and after an attempt you get the screen which indicates you have exceeded the number of times allowed and must now reset your password.  Sound like the system did its job of keeping someone else out.  Unfortunately you now have to reset your password and many times it is not just as easy as typing in a new string of numbers and letters.  Sometimes you have to call or email or any number of hoops you must jump through in order to gain access.  In some cases you have to wait 24 hours before you can attempt to reset your access.

This week do a little security evaluation of your own passwords and pin numbers.  Have you reset them lately?  Are you storing them in some sort of encrypted data file so that should someone access your PC’s hard drive they can’t get your spreadsheet which has all of them listed in nice order.

I know it sounds like a bit of trouble to reset passwords but trust me, if you don’t you will eventually be doing it and the time will not be one of your choice.

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