Should your business wear orange?

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April 7, 2016- ISSN# 1545-2646



Should your business wear orange?

I know it is an odd time to talk about hunters and what they wear but there is never a bad time to talk about making your business stand out in a crowd.

For those of you who are not familiar with the aspects of hunting, during certain seasons, hunters are required to wear “Hunters Orange” on their person so that during the hunt, other hunters are able to identify them from a distance and not mistake them for wild animals wondering the forest.

The same is true for your business.  If you are not taking proactive steps to make your business shine like a beacon of light for your customer to find you then they will most likely pass right by your business. They find the one which differentiates itself in the forest of businesses in the marketplace.

Lets face it, the marketplace is a very competitive environment. We are overwhelmed with choices on everything from the clothes we wear to the cars we drive to the restaurants we go out to eat at.

The question this week is where does your business fit into either the business to business or the consumers spending habits? Once you understand this, then what are you doing to insure your business can be found?

Years ago when main street was the center of commerce, a business owner would put up their sign and they were open for business. Today with technology playing a significant role in directing peoples purchasing habits, you can’t just hang out a website like the old sign and be open for business.

Today you need to know where your customers come from, how they find you, what are their buying needs etc.  These are all part of your marketing strategies to identify what your customer needs are and then how are you going to satisfy those needs.

This week review your marketing/sales plan.  Does it address things other than sales targets and which products you sell?  Does it identify your real target audience? Where they are so you can direct your marketing dollars directly at them. Does it have a budget to promote what your business is doing in the community?  Do you have advertising which catches the eye of your target buyer?

The key is to look at your business through the lens of the hunter.  Do you find that unique orange color sticking out among the trees in the forest?  Is your business easy to find so that you can attract your buyers to your doorstep?

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