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In the last couple of weeks in the sports world: major league baseball started a new season, NCAA Div. 1 basketball crowned champions for men and women, pro basketball and pro hockey began setting the playoffs schedules and the asters Golf tournament gave away another green jacket.

So why does this have anything to do with my business?

It is all about the ability to repeat something.

We joke about the movie “Groundhog Day” where the person keeps repeating the same day over and over.  Yes we get up every morning and have some routine to get our day going – turn off the alarm, shower, eat breakfast, check email etc.  It could seem like the repeat button has been pushed in our own lives.

It is one thing to have a routine.  It is completely another thing to have a running streak where your business is tested for numerous days under varying conditions and you still come out on top.

Take the Masters golf tournament, the young up and coming star led the tournament for the last 7 rounds going back to last year when he won.  All eyes were upon him to “Repeat” as only a couple others had done so in the past 80 years.  Unfortunately, he did not repeat.

A week ago the Women’s NCAA Div. 1 basketball crowned UConn with the 2016 title.  It was their 4th consecutive title – they repeated again.

As the pro basketball and hockey leagues move into the playoffs you will hear more about the odds of a repeat by the current champion.  To repeat at the highest level of performance is a major challenge.  It takes more than just great players etc.  It takes commitment, synergy and yes some luck.

This week as you look at your business, ask yourself – Is my business set up to allow for my best team to repeat what we do so that our customers experience the best each time they interact with us?  Are my business systems such that they are easily duplicable?

After looking at your business ask your team what they think can be improved to make repeat business more attainable.  You may find it is not some expensive new piece of equipment but maybe just some subtle ways to enhance the relationships and chemistry between the people.

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