Mirror, Mirror

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April 21, 2016- ISSN# 1545-2646



Mirror, Mirror

Most likely we have all heard the phrase from the Disney movie “Snow White” of Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all.  The wicked witch utters these words to the magic mirror to affirm herself as being the best in the kingdom. Unfortunately once her stepdaughter, Snow White, starts becoming of age the mirror starts changing its mind from the witch to Snow White.  We all know where that leads in the movie.

So as the business leader in your organization are you wondering where you stand in the kingdom or industry your business is in? Are you asking the magic mirror if your business is still the fairest in the land?

From time to time we need to step back and take an unbiased look at ourselves and our organization.  Is the organization living up to the vision and mission which sets the standard by which decisions and future growth will come from?

If we look in the mirror and we see a distorted picture like our graphic above, everything looks far better than it really is.  If that is the view of your business and the reality is something different, you need to reassess what good is.

As the leader of the business you must be optimistic about the future and your company’s potential.  Too much viewing through rose colored glasses will lead you into as much trouble as being completely pessimistic and that the sky is falling.

This week, take a look at your business through the eyes of your competition.  What might they see as your positive traits?  What might they say are areas you are vulnerable?  By looking at your business from the outside in you might just discover what the real picture in the mirror will look like.

Once you have identified areas of opportunity for improvement, set in motion some plans to improve those areas.  Don’t try to concur all of them at once.  Prioritize them and select the best one which will give the greatest return on investment.

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