Discovering Self

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April 28, 2016- ISSN# 1545-2646



Discovering Self

In a competitive world one thing that contributes to separating you and your business from the next is understanding yourself.

Do you really know what drives you?  What causes you to react to a given situation?

Do you understand the impact of working against your true potential?

Have you and your business wandered away from your core values and focus for any number of reason but never returned to what can and will make you great?

Most of the time we don’t take time to investigate below the surface of not only our self but our business.  Maybe we don’t want to know the answer because then we would need to do something about changing that result.

As a trusted advisor to many business leaders, this is one of the most defining points of growing their business.  Is the owner strong enough to look at themselves in the mirror and potentially discover they are a contributing factor to some of the problems in their own business? Are they willing to subject themselves to critique which may expose weaknesses they might know they have but are unwilling to let others be aware of?

You might have noticed that this week’s article is full of questions vs. dialogue and content.  This is because discovery is all about questioning oneself at a very deep and exposing level.  The objective is not to draw blood and cause pain. It is to identify what your core assets are so you can leverage those to the fullest. Then supplement those areas which you lag performance in. This is one skill which real entrepreneurs have a more keenly developed sense about these matters.  They know themselves pretty well and engage others to fill gaps in their skill set.

Business owners, which most are not entrepreneurs, fail miserably at this and continue to try to fix everything themselves. They sometimes hire those who don’t question things and simply execute what they design.  This in turn cultivates more of the same.

This week take some time to re-read this article and be honest with your assessment of yourself.  Decide where you may fall along the business owners continuum.

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