Selling of the Brand

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Selling of the Brand

The other day I was meeting with a client and they were disappointed that a customer of theirs, which they had done some work for about a year ago, did not use them for a project this year. In my typical fashion I need to ask some questions so I could assemble the whole picture.

I asked if it was price, or timing or approach etc. The response was that they did not even get a chance to give the customer a proposal.

The relationship between my client and their client was strong enough that a call was placed to ask why they were not considered for the project.  My client’s customer response is something heard too often.

They responded with – “We did not even know you did that kind of work.”

So what happens that a long standing customer who had done business in the past suddenly forget what business you are in or you offer?  It is not that they forgot you were in that business but they had you placed into a specific corner of their mind for doing one specific type of work.

For example, a contractor might do various types of home remodeling but the last project they did at your home was a new bathroom.  You really like the work they did on the bathroom so you might ask them back to remodel your kitchen.  But would you ask them back to put on a new roof or side your garage?  Maybe or maybe not.  Depending on how the contractor branded their whole company you might only think they do internal remodeling like kitchen and baths.  It might be that the contractor does specialize and only want to do that type of work.  On the other hand they might be as good at roofing as they are at putting in a new tub and tile in your home.

The question this week is – are you losing business to your competition because they were better at selling the customer on all the things they can do? When that next project comes up will they remembered your business?

Take a look at how you position your business in the eyes of the customer.  What do they see in your business?  What solutions do you bring to the table? Do they view you as an expert in those areas?

Outline how you need to brand your business. Then testing it on your current clients to find out if they would identify you as the expert in that part of the business. This exercise will give you some very important insights into the effectiveness of your branding.

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