Talent Chaos

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May 19, 2016- ISSN# 1545-2646



Talent Chaos

Chaos by one definition is – behavior so unpredictable as to appear random, owing to great sensitivity to small changes in conditions.

As business leaders one of the most significant challenges taking place is the ability to attract and retain quality talent.

It is not that talent is bad or totally non existent but with unemployment rates at very low rates, those talented people that might best fit into your organization are currently gainfully employed somewhere else.  This causes many chaotic issues for businesses. Businesses positioned for growth and expansion are held back due to not being able to find or get the talent necessary to move to the next level.

This challenge is not going to suddenly go away.  Yes, new talent enters the marketplace on a recurring cycle.  Many college graduates will be turning in their dorm rooms for cubicles. These new resources into the business world possess great promise but are untested in the daily dynamics of a work world. They have much to learn and experience.  They will bring new ideas and challenge existing norms.  The striking a balance between throwing the past away on perceived improved new ideas has always taken it toll on business leaders.

In most recent articles the concepts of managing your sales pipeline identified a requirement to forecast and mature opportunities into closed sales.  This same concept equally applies to growing your business through the acquisition of talent.  You must always be selling your business to the best talent in the marketplace so to engage them to be potential future employees.  Building a pipeline of new resources and moving them through the sales cycle of becoming staff is as critical today as closing the next product or service sale.

In the coming week, evaluate what your organization is doing to build your talent pipeline.  Do you have weekly objectives to attract new talent and do interviews to see what resources might just be in the marketplace?  Do you refine the skills of courting top talent to your organization?  Do you understand why your culture might be a better fit for talent so they can look at your business through a different set of lenses?

These efforts may not completely put order into your talent requirements. You might be able to put in place a systematized approach to retaining your best talent while you attract the additions you need to move your business forward.

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