Summertime Blues

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Summertime Blues

Memorial Day is behind us and that marks the official start of summer in most places.  People chase off to weekend getaways.  Grass needs cutting. Dandelions and dogwoods flower and the wind moves their fuzzy tops around the neighborhood. You can hear the cheers from the little league baseball game down at the diamond.

These are all great things of summer and then we remember that many of us still get up and go to the office or job Monday thru Friday.  We deal with many fellow colleagues who are experiencing some form of summer time blues.

So how do we as business leaders deal with this annual distraction?

The good news is that this season will pass and another one follows right behind it. So let’s not get too carried away with summertime vs. fall vs. winter or spring.

The reality is that in all businesses during all seasons, people experience various levels of engagement and disengagement.  The challenge is navigating the periods between engagement cycles and hopefully not everyone is on the same cycle.

A lot can be said for recognizing that this happens and allow for some relaxed times during the business day for people to get up and out to smell the roses.  Being cooped up while the weather turns nice is more depleting to a person’s energy than taking a few minutes to walk around the parking lot and feel the rays of the sun beating upon your skin.

This week, think about ways to engage your team in meaningful dialogue to help them get up and get out to re-energize themselves. Find ways each day for an opportunity to have greater productivity not because they are working more hours or harder, but because they are filled with the energy of the season.

Many readers of this newsletter are on the northern part of the continent so the warmth of summer is even more of a distraction. For those in the south, it is an opportunity to stay cool in the air-conditioning and simply close ones eyes with a glass of iced tea or lemonade. This might just rekindle the spirit during the dog days of summer heat.

Your mission this week is to find ways to engage your team so that during these days of beautiful skies they can remain engaged in the progress of the business and taking care of your customers while not burning out and turn the switch to off.

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