The Training Puzzle

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July 7, 2016- ISSN# 1545-2646




The Training Puzzle

Your business is dependent on attracting both customers and employees.  Educating your customers on who you are and what you offer to them is an important undertaking.  Training your employees to educate and service your customers is CRITICAL!

With the nature of the talent pool which is entering and been in the marketplace for the past few years, organizations are challenged to put in place significantly improved training programs and compress the time and effort to deliver them.  This adds significant dynamics to the process of training your staff.

In the past, an investment in training had a longer period of time to recoup your time and dollar investment. With employees seeking new opportunities and changing jobs, careers and plans on a more frequent basis, companies have to adapt and redesign how they spin up a new staff member to productive use.

No longer do companies have multiple weeks or months to train a person. With that time investment the person might need to be in your employment for a few years.  Today, the new breed of worker may only be with your organization for a few months or just a couple of years. Your training not only needs to be timely and accurate, it needs to be cost effective to deliver and re-deliver time and time again.

Unfortunately the workplace must take what our education system delivers after high school or college and train actual application skills into the employee. Businesses must expand the layer of theoretical knowledge they exited their education system with and expand their know how into practical and useful application skills.

This week take a look at how you bring on a new employee.  Not so much the paperwork but the training process to move them from their present state of knowledge to the level you need them to perform at so they are a contributing asset of the team.

What are the 4 to 5 critical things they MUST know and be able to execute to perform their role on the team?

Are you training them how to do these things to your standards and expectation or assuming they bring that with them?

Do you have a way to evaluate whether they not only heard the lessons but can actually replicate the desired outcome of the lessons?

Your ability to attract good employees and train them to be great employees will be a real differentiation in the coming years.  Your focus on putting in place top shelf timely training systems will help ensure high end customer experiences at your workplace.

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