Commitment to Excellence

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Commitment to Excellence

The summer Olympic games are a couple of weeks away.  Athletes from all over the globe will be competing to determine who is best in class in various sporting events.  Some will participate as individuals and others as a team.  All of them will be participating while representing their homeland.

To get to this level of athletic competition, the athletes must be committed to a regiment of training and striving for excellence.

The summer games only take place once every 4 years and the number of athletes selected to represent their country is in actuality a small handful of all of the people of a given country.  To be chosen, these athletes sacrifice and apply themselves to their sport so that when tested in competition they can prevail.  In some cases it is only for a matter of seconds for which they train hours upon hours during the 4 years leading up to the Olympic trials.

Your business is engaged in Olympic level trials daily. You are always up against the competition to sell and service your customers while the competition is working tirelessly to take that customer away from you over to their business. The question to ask yourself this week is – Does your business develop the skills of your people in order to give them what they need to compete at that high level of success?

I was recently working with an organization who was putting their money where there words are and setting in place a commitment to excellence through training.  In their given industry there are designations for various levels of knowledge and application.  They have committed to have each person in their organization get to defined levels which are in alignment with their roles in the company.  They have set aside a defined budget for each person to get the training they need and the time to accomplish this objective.

This strategy will take serious money in both cost of education but more importantly the time they are not doing their daily work activities.  As monumental as those costs and challenges are, without this commitment, they will fall prey to the competition and not provide to their customer the quality and level of services needed to be above the competition.

This week, take a look at what you are doing to move your people to a position of excellence.  Do they have the training needed to be competitive in the marketplace?

Need to evaluate your plan to engage your team in training?  Call JKL Associates at (313) 527-7945 and we will help you put an Olympic level staff in place.

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