Is your business attractive?

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Is your business attractive?

In nature, plants and insects use color as a means to attract either mates or other insects to help pollinate their continued existence. These colors and patterns, some cannot even be seen by the human eye, bring closer those insects so that their mere existence on the plant or near the other insect causes biology to happen.

This is part of nature’s natural law of attraction. In order for nature to continue to exist and flourish, it must attract interactions between insects and plants so that they perpetuate into the future.

As business owners we can certainly learn from nature.  In order for your business to grow and perpetuate into the future it must attract many things.  You need great relationships with customers and attract more.  You need great relationships with employees and attract more.

In nature it is part of the bigger natural plan but in business we must be strategic in our attraction efforts.  You need to plan your attraction. The marketing strategies to draw customers and employees to your business must not be taken casually.

In a marketplace where the people are bombarded by all kinds of stimuli from color to sound to motion, a business must find the right placement of its marketing efforts so that it attracts the best possible buyers and employees to your door.

This week take a few moments to review what your business appears to look like to the outside world.  Is what you see attractive to you?  Why? Is it because it was your idea?  Sometimes you need to go outside to get a third party’s view of your business to see what it really looks like.

Ask your team at your business.  What do they see your attraction presence to be?

Be like a butterfly and spread your colorful wings and invite customers and employees alike into your business so that you can perpetuate your organization.

Looking to get a third party opinion?  Call JKL Associates at (313) 527-7945 and allow us the privilege to look at the beauty of your colorful butterfly wings.

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