Structured Routine = Performance

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Structured Routine = Performance

The Olympics are in full swing this week. If you have watched them on TV or heard about the results on the radio then you are aware of what structured routine can deliver.

Athletes commit themselves to structure and routine in order to achieve excellence on and off the field of play. When preparing for world class competition athletes can’t say I’ll just take the week off and not do their structured work out.  They can over indulge in items not specifically in the routine diet they have defined.

In business we may not be on a world stage every four years but there is a lot to be said for having your business structured in such a way that it enables higher performance to all who follow the routine.

When individuals stray away from the organization’s processes and procedures or don’t execute them consistently to the same standards then the end result has greater variation in the final product.  This causes quality defects or poor workmanship.  These contribute to added cost to the business in many forms including loss of customers to the competition.

When I’m invited into a business to review what is or is not going on, I always find it interesting that in most cases the staff know that there are specific routines, processes and procedures to guide their work action to a consistent result.  The challenge is they don’t always follow them routinely.

This week take some time to inspect what you expect with respect to your defined routines – processes and procedures.  Do your team members know what routines they should be doing?  Do they know the standards of expectations of those routines?  Do you measure the results of them following the routines?

We as business owners can sometimes become lax at following our own routines and therefore demonstrate a behavior which authorized others to not follow their routines.  As part of your review this week – first inspect your routines and determine how well you follow your defined routines.

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