Going for GOLD!

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August 18, 2016- ISSN# 1545-2646




Going for GOLD!

Our theme last week focused on the commitment to a structured routine to achieve performance.

This week lets look at taking that performance and going for GOLD!

Almost all of us will never compete in the Olympics let alone be in a athletic competition at world class levels; we do compete in a world class economy in our businesses.  Whether you are part of an internationally recognized corporation or have a small family run business, your customers are looking for the best value their dollars can buy.  Some of your competition even to small local businesses come for the international manufacturing marketplace. 

There is much emphasis on “Buying Local” or “Made in America.” These are both very worthy considerations when spending your business to business dollars as well as your own personal dollars for your family. The key is to be able to make solid purchasing decisions and invest in the local economy while still being competitive in your own business and economically savvy with your expenses.

It is easy to proclaim the buy locally and buy American until your customers want your business to provide a deep discount on your products and services as they search the internet for buying their goods and services.

The consumer is strange in that they talk out of both sides of their mouth.  They talk about strengthening the economy by buying local and American but only if it’s as cost effective as an import.  Our market space has a completely different structure than international business marketplace and our ability to compete while raising the cost of wages, infrastructure etc. is a crazy tightrope to walk.

This week take a look at your business purchases.  Do you know where your dollars are ultimately being spent?  Can you expect your customers to buy your goods and services if you are not competitive in price?  How can you balance the difference in local, American and price to value ratio with your customers.

In going for the gold, we as business leaders need to have part of our strategy to support the local American business economy.  We must also make sure that our political environment enables small business to not only survive but thrive moving forward in 2017.  Let’s let 2017 be our GOLD metal winning performance for small business.

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