I did not even know you did that!

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I did not even know you did that!

Part of being in business is to let the marketplace know that you exist.

This requires you to have a strategy, a plan, a budget and then execute to make your business shine in the marketplace.

All businesses do some type of advertising.  Maybe you have a webpage.  You may possibly work social media channels.  You may buy space in event brochures. You may have your business up in lights on a highway billboard. The question is – are your marketing and advertising efforts coordinated and planned out or are you just throwing money at various types of exposure points hoping they get you results?

One of the largest challenges in marketing and advertising is trying to identify those investment channels which best promote your business to the best types of customers you want and can best serve.

From past experiences both in my business and watching others businesses, you can spend dollars and have lots of people become interested in your business only to determine they are the wrong customers.  Yes the campaign attracted people to your business but they might not be the correct people who want, need and can afford your product or service.

Not all marketing and advertising channels work the same for various businesses.  Unfortunately there are many media outlets which have great sales pitches but the results just never appear.  Their sometimes cookie cutter approach give exposure but the return on the investment for real dollars is hard to find.

This week you need to review your campaigns for attracting customers to your business.  If you have been executing your 2016 marketing plan, you have 8 months of data to analyze. Did the advertising channels you invested in create an increase in desired customers? Which advertising channels brought you not just the greatest number of potential customers but the one who you converted to actual sales?

Organizations promoting the various advertising channels will often talk about the number of clicks or touches their campaign generates.  If those are your business proper demographic of your best customer then it is then incumbent upon you to convert them into closed sales. The advertising firm can’t close your sales for you.  On the other hand if they are attracting the wrong profile of customers to your doorstep then your investment not only cost you for their services but the cost of being distracted with tire kickers which ultimately are not your best customers.

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