Are you Instinctive or Intellectual?

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September 29, 2016- ISSN# 1545-2646




Are you Instinctive or Intellectual?

Which of these statements defines you best?

You are driven by utilizing past experiences, intuition and seeking specific knowledge when necessary.


You are driven by opportunities to learn, acquire knowledge and discovery of truth.

It is likely that one of the statements was more like you but you have some parts or traits contained in the other.  You may be split right down the middle depending on the topic or activity you would be engaged with at the time of your pondering this question.

Each of us take in what is happening around us and process it to either do something with it or discard it as not needed. Depending on what drives you, you may acquire knowledge from the data/experience or you may simply retain the experience with the concept of applying it at a future time when needed.

Your business is made up of a variety of people that have various levels of both intellectual and instinctive ways of being driven to accomplish results. If you place a person into a situation which requires a higher degree of one of these traits and the person is just the opposite then they may be successful but will potentially struggle. This will place them under stress. They will ultimately not get a sense of success in their work as they will feel the end results were not equal to the effort to achieve that end.

Over time, this reoccurring stress will eventually cause performance to drift off and potentially cause a good employee to begin seeking alternate options for employment. You may not even see it as they will continue to deliver the end result but internally they will consume so much extra energy by fighting off the stress. This will eventually cause them to determine that this out of alignment work is not for them.  Enough will be enough. The end result is loss of a good team member and you are back into the marketplace looking for a person to replace them.

To curb this from happening you need to fully understand the demands of the role in the organization.  These dynamics can impose stress on the person performing the role and they can be very significant.  The role requirements when aligned with the persons talents and drive create positive energy. The better aligned the role demands are with the person natural drive the greater the results and the happier the team member is at work.

This week, look around your business and try to spot those employees which outwardly are good employees but you sense they are potentially stressed with what they are doing.  Can you bring subtle change to their role in order to help them improve performance and be happier in their role at your business?

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