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Now we are communicating

One of the biggest challenges we have on a daily basis is communicating with others.

Yes we speak. Yes we listen. The question is – do we actually communicate?  Do they actually hear and process what is being said?

Over the past 25+ years, communication in one form or another has been a reoccurring issue for clients and prospects alike. So how does this get addressed?

The first step is to slow down on the initial communication which in a business world moving at the speed of light is extremely difficult. We have a lot on our plate and in order to get things accomplished they have to get it communicated to those responsible. They can then take the action to get them accomplished. Many times this transfer of information is done so quickly that the content and details are left up in the air vs. being well spelled out.  It is unfortunately assumed that the receiver of the communication either “Gets it” or already knows what the person delivering the initial message was going to say and the meaning behind it.

For example, one person tells another person to paint the wall yellow. They depart and go about their business.  The painter goes and buys paint and paints from the floor to the ceiling from the left to the right wall.  The person requesting the painting returns and is all upset.  It was the wrong color of yellow. They only wanted it painted to waist level and only half way across the room.  This is obviously an over exaggeration but stuff like this happens  all the time in business.  There were too many assumptions by both parties.

Now the wall has to be repainted adding time and cost to the business.  If they would have just started out with a more defined understanding which was verified then it only would have had to take place once.

When you do something and it only takes one attempt to complete then it only costs 1 unit or expense.

If you then inspect what you expect you add another unit of cost to performing the work.

If it is correct then your total cost exposure is 2 units of cost.

If it is wrong then your cost can go from 4 to 100 times the original cost to perform the work.

This week, slow down and try to communicate and not just talk.

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