Don’t confuse Tactics as Strategy

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October 20, 2016- ISSN# 1545-2646




Don’t confuse Tactics as Strategy

With 2016 rapidly coming to a close and 2017 looming in the near future, your business needs to have its’ business plan defined and start setting in place the foundation for its’ success.

I hear lots of discussions amongst managers about the things they will need to be doing to archive their objectives.  These things are the tactics of the plan and not the strategy.  Many times these two aspects get confused or interchanged as one.  It is vital that your business leadership understands the strategy and the tactics to deploy to get to the end results.

To help bring some clarity to this, here are some aspects of both to give separation and understanding to the value of both in the success of your business.

Strategy                                       Tactics

The “WHY”                                    The “HOW”

Longer Time Frame                       Shorter Time Frame

Planning                                        Doing

Larger/Broader                              Individualized

Unique                                           More Generic

As you look at your business results for 2016 and plan for 2017, make sure you are defining the strategy with a clear concise picture of what the results of the strategy will look like.  Dynamically tie the tactics of how your business will go about the execution to the delivery of the strategy.  This will help bring not only the strategy to fruition but will engage your staff into the company as a whole.

Team members need to feel and experience the aspect of inclusion so they can be part of something good and productive.  By linking their actions (tactics) directly back to the strategies of the business it provides a map from them to be personally and directly included in the business success.

This week, if you do not already have a good start on your plans for 2017, it is time to get those moving forward.  If they are already well defined then review them to make sure you have linkage between the strategy and the tactics.  Is that linkage dynamic enough to assist your team in understanding how they are part of the strategy and not just an additional feature of the company?

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