Phrases which might describe your organizations culture

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Phrases which might describe your organizations culture

Any of these sound familiar?

Warm and Fuzzy

Cold and Calculating

Churn and Burn

Nurture and Mature

Maybe you associate the phrases with specific people and the way they are described. Maybe this is the way you identify various people?

Over the course of my business career I have both worked in organizations as employed talent and consulted into businesses which might have some of these descriptive phrases used to describe the culture inside the walls of the business.

In today’s business setting organizations are navigating the real challenges of talent in the marketplace.  The challenges range from senior talent leaving the organization and younger talent entering into the business.  That part has always taken place but the range or gap between the two and the social and cultural differences are far more different.

In the past it was a “Given” that employees would show up for work on time and be ready to engage at a specific time during their work schedule.  Today the concept of being “On Time” is a much wider flexible point on the clock with the new talent entering the workforce.

With the push to raise minimum hourly wages and the institution of labor regulations having to do with the class of exempt vs. non-exempt going into effect, the managing of hourly workforce has just become a key priority for businesses.

Owners are required to have processes and procedures and follow regulations imposed upon them by various national, state or local authorities.  This causes them to be cold, calculating, focused on efficiencies and effectiveness.  This translates back into the culture of what employees witness and feel at the workplace.

Employees are looking for that soft, fuzzy, nurturing environment which is absent of accountability. They can show up as needed and participate as they see fit.

These are broad interpretations and there are always exceptions to these perceptions but a large portion of the new talent desires this more unstructured approach to business.

The questions this week is to consider mixing the words from the phrases and see how they can become the future culture of your business.

Can  you have a warm and calculating culture?

Can you have a maturing workforce while churning through non-performers?

Can you take the fuzziness out of your business processes so future workers can then be nurtured into a workflow?

Stop and ponder what is your organization’s culture.  Is it working for you or against you?

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